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We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we’ve had for our film ‘A Jacket for Life’. From creative agencies that have enjoyed the intimate storytelling to people who now feel proud to wear, or even go out and buy a Barbour we seem to have inspired a lot of online talk about the things we most value.

We’re now sharing a few quotes here, alongside links to other blogs so that you can read some of the reviews in full.

Portable TV – Hopelessly Devoted

Magali Pettier and Jan Cawood of Tin Man Films fully understand that the primary purpose of a film is to tell a story, but they venture one step further as they specialize in teasing out the heart and soul of their subject matter with intimate narratives.

Steven Hurley

This is what branded content should be all about, brilliant work, great story telling.

Volume.1. Brooklyn Things that are simplest last a long time

I guess there’s no better time than your lunch break to sit and watch what is basically the quaintest thing you will see all week.

Unabashedly Prep blogger F E Castleberry

A great video. A Jacket for Life, showcases the 30-year love affairs several Barbour owners have with their jackets—revealing why those relationships last longer than many marriages.

F E Castleberry

Brilliant video! I’ve owned a Barbour since the early 80s it’s so true about the Barbour Jacket! Worth the investment!

Sue Newton, Global PR and Sponsorship Manager, Barbour

Magali Pettier and Tin Man Films have managed to portray the pleasure and the comfort, both physical and emotional, that a Barbour jacket can give to its wearer. We’re very proud of this legacy and the intimate nature of the experience that our wax jackets give to our customers. We feel that this film not only captures the essence of this, but also celebrates the lives of real people in a very subtle and wonderful way.

Now enjoy watching the film!

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