A brand with a heritage has a story to tell

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There are recurring themes about great heritage brands. Some or all of the following adjectives usually apply.

Prestigious, expertise, quality, attention to detail, craftsmanship, bespoke, family run and owned, innovative, tremendous knowledge base, exceptional service, proud British heritage, international reputation, design excellence.

All of these qualities were clearly on display at the Coronation Festival with over 200 Royal Warrant holders present. With a passion for heritage brands, Provenance Films and Tin Man Films went along to capture the atmosphere and share their diary of some of the brands they most enjoyed meeting at the Palace.
Buckingham Palace, Catwalk Area
Floris were awarded one of the first 17 Royal Warrants in 1800 and have continued to provide high quality perfume until the present day. All Floris’s products are created in Devon, but they continue to use the original Perfumery at 89 Jermyn Street for trade; the site where the company was founded in 1730. The eighth and ninth generation descendants are still running the business today. (Photograph of Floris at Coronation Festival)Floris at Buckingham Palace, Coronation FestivalHenry Poole & Co Ltd, who were granted a Royal Warrant by HM Queen Victoria in 1869 as court tailors, showcased their hand made bespoke suits, entirely cut and made on their premises at 15/16 Savile Row. Apprentice pattern cutter Tom explained it takes about 90 hours to make a suit with 3 fittings. (Photographs of Henry Poole &Co Ltd of Savile Row)Henry Poole &Co Ltd of Savile RowHenry Poole &Co Ltd of Savile RowRoyal gunmakers since 1835 Holland & Holland is a brand that focuses on authenticity, heritage and style. With Shooting Grounds and a range of exclusive shooting clothing and accessories, Holland & Holland offer the complete package for the discerning shooter with over 70% of its products being made in Britain.The manufacture of the very finest craft-made guns are still made at the original 1898 factory on Harrow Road near Paddington Station. The tall windows and high ceilings make maximum use of natural light. It takes between 650 and 1000 hours to make the finest craft-made guns. (Photographs of Holland & Holland at Coronation Festival)Holland and Holland at Coronation FestivalHolland and Holland at Coronation FestivalBookbinders to Her Majesty the Queen Blissetts are a 4th generation family run business employing 50 staff led by a father and son team. They offer a wide range of services including yearbooks, photobooks, thesis binding, wedding albums, design & print as well as fine binding and restoration. (Photographs of Blissetts at Coronation Festival)

Blissets at Coronation FestivalBlissets at Coronation FestivalHeritage brands are distinct in that they are about both history and history in the making. However, managing the past, present and future in a seamless interwoven story is not always easy.

No one did it better than Bentley who curated a storyboard full of textures and iconography whilst providing visitors with a rare opportunity to ‘experience’ the brand. Bentley’s craftsmen and designers offered live displays of some of the skills that provide every car that leaves the Crewe factory with a hand-built, bespoke feel. The ‘open air workshop’ revealed the skill and craftsmanship needed to create Bentley’s luxury car models. (Photographs of Bentley Motors Crafstmanship at Coronation Festival)Bentley at Coronation FestivalBentley at Coronation FestivalBentley at Coronation FestivalBentley at Coronation FestivalNew Flying Spur at Coronation FestivalBrand heritage is an often unrecognised and frequently undertapped corporate asset. With a passion for heritage brands, telling great stories about the people and processes behind some of the ‘Best of British’ is part of our mission. For more information about Provenance Films / Tin ManFilms collaborations please contact us at hello@provenancefilms.com

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