Addicted to Sheep – #addictedtosheep

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Set in the North Pennines, Addicted to Sheep is an intimate portrait of a year in the life of tenant hill farmers Tom and Kay Hutchinson as they try to breed the perfect sheep.

Through the rain, shine, sleet and snow we see them toil away against the stunning landscapes of North East England and witness the hard work it takes just to survive. Their three children are growing up close to the land, attending a school entirely comprised of farmers’ children, thoroughly immersed in their remote rural world. While the odds often seem stacked against them, the film conveys the importance of a balanced family life and the good humour that binds this tight knit community together.

Beautifully observed, this heartwarming film provides an insight into the past, present and future of a way of life far removed from the high-tech … Read More »

A Jacket for Life – #ajacketforlife

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What does your jacket say about you?

Crafted to last a lifetime, Barbour wax jackets see their owners through thick and thin. Memories of the weight, the look, the feel of that first purchase remain tangible 30 years on and mean owners are reluctant to change.

A Jacket for Life is an intimate portrait of the relationship between Barbour and its customers seen through the Customer Services Dept at South Shields Factory who, like surgeons, bring them back to life.

A Provenance Films / Tin Man Films co-production.

Reflections on Glass

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Rick Pooley is a designer, creator and restorer of stained glass based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

In this documentary we gain an insight into his work and find out how his passion for glass turned a hobby into a new career.

Co-produced & Directed by Magali Pettier of Provenance Films and Jan Cawood of Tin Man Films UK (www.tinmanfilms.co.uk).