A Jacket for Life – #ajacketforlife

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What does your jacket say about you?

Crafted to last a lifetime, Barbour wax jackets see their owners through thick and thin. Memories of the weight, the look, the feel of that first purchase remain tangible 30 years on and mean owners are reluctant to change.

A Jacket for Life is an intimate portrait of the relationship between Barbour and its customers seen through the Customer Services Dept at South Shields Factory who, like surgeons, bring them back to life.

A Provenance Films / Tin Man Films co-production.

Documenting British Manufacturing

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It’s no surprise that Britain, once the ‘workshop of the world’, has a proud heritage of satisfying the needs of consumers. Whether bespoke or mass produced, there’s still something wonderful about seeing things being made in a digital world of ones and zeros.

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Feature on short documentary about Barbour wax jackets ‘A Jacket for Life’

Capturing this seemingly hidden world is too tempting a prospect for most film-makers including us and so we are delighted that sister-mag, a great new digital magazine is celebrating ‘craftsmanship’ in their latest edition.  The Berlin based magazine explore what attracts us to document people making things, in our case, at Barbour South Shields, UK.

If you are interested in British Manufacturing, one upcoming project well worth following is by 10 Magnum photographers for the wonderful Multistory team. The largely untold story … Read More »

Teasing out the heart and soul

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We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we’ve had for our film ‘A Jacket for Life’. From creative agencies that have enjoyed the intimate storytelling to people who now feel proud to wear, or even go out and buy a Barbour we seem to have inspired a lot of online talk about the things we most value.

We’re now sharing a few quotes here, alongside links to other blogs so that you can read some of the reviews in full.

Portable TV – Hopelessly Devoted

Magali Pettier and Jan Cawood of Tin Man Films fully understand that the primary purpose of a film is to tell a story, but they venture one step further as they specialize in teasing out the heart and soul of their subject matter with intimate narratives.

Steven Hurley

This is what branded content should be all about, brilliant work, great … Read More »